Core Values

Creative engagement

Tools of technology allow for new creative opportunities, connections, collaborations and discoveries. The Aesthetic Technologies Lab enables learners to explore these new tools and processes, and to advance their own works through this engagement, coursework and collaboration.

Critical discourse

The role of technology in the arts poses new critical considerations related to power hierarchies, politics and economics. The @Lab is committed to advancing discourses that recognize the ways in which new forms impact both audiences and makers. We strive to be a center for both creative activity as well as a resource for responsible analysis related to practice and presentation.

Examination, experimentation, engagement, evolution, abstraction and innovation

The @Lab is a studio environment where artists and students should feel free to be provocative, to participate, ask questions, reflect, grow, succeed or fail. The Lab is a place where the creative spirit is celebrated and encouraged and where learning happens in the active process of making work.


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