this piece was part of the "Re/Trato, Mirrors of a Postmodern World" show at Adleta Galleries in Athens OH, 2006

With a keen eye for detail, Hippolyte’s highly stylized images present a contemplative documentation of his intimate relationship with the common place while visiting Spain. Hippolyte communicates with his images, looking for and finding beauty in the most unexpected places. Hippolyte s states: “People seem absent from the mundane; the small, the unnoticed. I look at what surrounds me and find beauty in the path, the road and its characteristic marking.”

Nelson Hippolyte moved to Athens, Ohio in 1996 from Pittsburgh where he completed his doctorate in Latin American Literature. Then he moved to Venezuela and pursued an active career in journalism. He has published four books. Currently, Hippolyte is an assistant professor of Modern Languages at Ohio University, teaching 20th-Century Latin American Literature and Popular Culture.



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