EDOUARD GOERG (1893 – 1968)

Edouard Goerg (Sydney, Australia, 1893 – Callian, France, 1968)

Edouard Joseph Goerg ‘Edouard Goerg’: Born of French parents Edouard Joseph Goerg left Australia for Paris at a young age. Mainly self-taught he created his first etchings and paintings at the age of twenty-two. Several years later he also produced his first original lithographs. Serving in the French Army during World War One (1914-1918), Edouard Goerg was profoundly affected by the horrors he witnessed.

By 1920, Edouard Joseph Goerg had established himself as a major French Expressionist artist. Some critics drew comparisons between his work and that of George Grosz, but within several years Goerg’s art was strong elements of surrealism that made scholars establish affinities between his lithographs and etchings and those of Odilon Redon. Quite Simply, however, Edouard Goerg’s art forged its own individual path.

During his career, many of Edouard Goerg’s finest original prints were created for illustrative sets upon the works of Baudelaire, Pol and others. This original lithograph was created for his series illustrating the Apocalypse. It was published in Paris in 1945 in a sole, limited edition of 198 impressions.

Edouard Goerg was the President of the Peintres-Graveurs Francais. He was also a professor at the Ecole des Beaux Arts and was awarded the Chevalier of the Legion d’honneur from the French government. Museums that today include his lithographs and etchings in their permanent collections are, the Art Institute of Chicago, the Museum of Modern Art, Paris and the Art Museum of Copenhagen.


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  1. Acquisition note: I found this piece (and a number of others in my collection) at an antique shop in Tempe, Arizona called Rare Lion. The owner there, Gary Perkins, has an exceptional eye for works of art – his major love are representations of the old west – and he’s super knowledgeable about that area of art – but he also has an interesting and eclectic collection of other works too.

    Phoenix and it’s surrounding suburbs is a fantastic place for any collector to acquire 2nd market pieces. As much as I love to support artists and galleries, at the time I purchased this piece as a graduate student, their prices were simply out of my league. I discovered an amazing wealth of beautifully framed, reasonably priced, original paintings and prints in the antique shops of the area. I expect this to be the case in any large city with a snowbird population. Other finds in my collection from Rare Lion in Tempe are by artists: Jaime Oates; Bert Pumphrey; William Brice; Jacob Landau; and José Maria Servin. All acquired between 1998 – 2002.

    Find Rare Lion online at: http://www.rarelionantiques.com/

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