Window in Mirror, from the series "Domestic Interiors" by Laura Larson

from the artist’s website:

Domestic Interiors

The rooms we inhabit form a constant, if often unnoticed, backdrop to our everyday lives. But they can also assume another role: sites of fantasy and voyeuristic longing. My work takes this aspect of domestic space as its subject, employing photography to investigate the intersections between domesticity and desire.  Domestic Interiors imagines the dollhouse as a site structured by longing and nostalgia. These empty rooms court intrigue, awaiting animation from the wings of the frame. Reminiscent of film noir, a sense of anxiety permeates these scenes, magnified by a fictional character’s absence. The photographs focus on the suggestive traces of this shifting character as clues to the narratives that these spaces invoke.


Born 1965, Pittsburgh, PA
Lives and works in Athens, OH


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