DAVIDA KIDD (abt 1960)

by Davida Kidd

The Weight of Reason (after Goya) by Davida Kidd

Davida Kidd was awarded the prestigious Grand Prix (for traditional and non-traditional printmaking) at the International Print Triennial in Krakow, Poland on September 19th, 2003.

“The content of my art practice, for years, has addressed themes of domination: the psyche by the dream or ideal, the conscience by guilt, the personality by passion. Individuals often appear to be trapped or misguided by their own choices.

Working in the general realm of manipulated photography, I like to blend the line between illusion and reality, cultivating the ambiguous line at which my subjects become invented creatures. We are, after all, human projectors. How we perceive what we see in front of us can change before our eyes.

As much as the intrinsic documentary quality and “truth” factor of the photograph has been challenged, it still lends a kind of rational surface, which I enjoy manipulating in order to pull the viewer into my ambiguous narratives.”

from: http://www.elliottlouis.com/artists/Davida_Kidd.asp


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