by Davida Kidd

The Weight of Reason (after Goya) photo on metallic paper by Canadian artist, Davida Kidd

In my opinion, a personal collection should be varied and organic. It should illustrate the range of your tastes and reveal that which speaks to your personal aesthetic. My art collection is an eclectic assortment that focuses primarily on modern and contemporary works by listed, established and emerging artists as well as outsider artists with a strong representation by artists working in and about Mexico laced through my acquisitions.

signed Alfredo Zalce, 1947

In addition to modern portraiture, I’m particularly drawn to outsider works that are rooted in spiritual practice, such as orthodox iconography, carvings,  altar pieces, and ex votos & retablos from post colonial Mexico.

Formal placement is juxtaposed to incidental and casual clustering in the presentation of the works throughout the house, with things like my tin retablos being affixed to the refrigerator with magnets, and makeshift shrines adorning corners of the kitchen, or groupings of antique buddha figures overseeing reading areas.

Jaime Oates oil on canvas above my fireplace

post colonial Mexican religious iconography and carvings in the kitchen

Ex votos are created in acknowledgment and celebration of miracles of divine intervention. As they are both pictorial and narrative, they serve as not only art but ethnography detailing turning-point moments in the lives of people and communities.