Untitled acrylic on board 42x48 by Donald Van Auken

Originally from Michigan, Donald W. Van Auken has created a world based upon a circus in his head, a grouping of characters that manifest themselves in dreams and continuously appear in thoughts and drawings.  These characters are an exultation of whimsy, parody, and beauty. As a child he began to construct a world of cardboard, pencils, action figures, clay and scotch tape. Today, this world is composed of characters that possess a theatrical quality, based on the narrative tradition developed in cartoons and comic books. Van Auken’s work references a stage-like setting where iconography and cartoon imagery substitute for props and actors. However, the stage is intangible and the dialogue is presented to the viewer in a constant state of flux.  As an art educator Donald W. Van Auken has taught for two years in public schools, served as the Director of Education at a small Mid western art museum in Battle Creek, Michigan, and as an Assistant Professor in Art at Ohio University where he received his M.F.A. in Painting.

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  1. News…. upcoming show of work:

    Exquisite Corpse Gallery
    326 W. Kalamazoo Ave. Studio 301
    Kalamazoo, MI 49007


    A multimedia exhibition featuring
    paintings and dioramas by
    Donald W. Van Auken.

    Join us for the opening reception during the Art Hop on Friday, May7, 5-9pm!

    Exhibition Schedule
    May 7 – May 31 2010

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