by Igor Kontsenko... purchased from the artist in 2003 in Venice CA

Igor Koutsenko was born in Evpatoria, a resort city on the Crimean Peninsula on the Black Sea. His father brought Igor to the Children’s Art School in his hometown after his son demonstrated artistic ability at a young age. At age eleven, Koutsenko was accepted to the adult art studio directed by the acclaimed artist Zvyagintesev who encouraged his talent. Later Igor was educated at the Penza School of Art (class of E. Iodynis) and received rigorous training in the old traditions of Russian realist art. While living in Moscow, he successfully used the Moscow art market to sell his works to Russian and foreign collectors. His experience in Moscow allowed him to fully realize himself as an independent artist.

Koutsenko immigrated to the United States in 1992 settling in Oklahoma City where he taught fine art at the University of Central Oklahoma. In 1995, he was granted permanent United States residentship as an alien of extraordinary abilities.

In his private studio in the Paseo Art District of Oklahoma City, he continued to produce his own works and participated in a number of exhibits throughout the United States. Koutsenko was featured in numerous articles, newspapers, and magazines. He also appeared in “Artbreak” on the Bravo channel. Numerous of Igor’s works are in distinguished private collections throughout the United States.

In 1998 Koutsenko visited Southern California and was attracted by its beautiful scenery and climate that reminded him of his boyhood surroundings in Crimea. Since moving to Southern California, he continues to produce original work at his private studio in Fallbrook.

from: http://www.igorkoutsenkoart.com/about.html


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