2015-16   Creative Capital, New York, NY.  Emerging Artists Grant Program Consultant

2013          Minnesota Arts Board, St. Paul, MN    Visiting Artists Grant Program Consultant

2010 – 2016   Indiecade, Los Angeles, CA     Art Game Grant Judge

2010           Alpert Awards,  Los Angeles, CA   Program Consultant


2011:  $150,00.00  IMLS (Institute for Museum and Library Services) in support of Artist Residencies at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts.

2011:  $25,00.00  National Endowment for the Humanities in support of The Extended Collection Project for the Minneapolis Institute of Arts.

2009:  $3,500.00  Arts for Ohio Grant in support of The Rubber Tree Ensemble performance.

2008:  $437,000.00 WIRED Grant (State of Ohio Department of Labor) in support of workforce development programs and cross-institutional collaboration with area junior colleges.  Grant shared between 3 OU-based technology centers:  The @ Lab (College of Fine Arts), GRID Lab (College of Communications), and the VITAL Lab (College of Engineering and Computing Sciences.)

2008:  $5,800.00  Arts for Ohio Grant in support of The Comic Book Bootcamp, a week-long event bringing comic book professionals to campus to work with students on image, process, and storytelling.  This event featured the return of Joshua Dysart (Hellboy: BPRD, Unknown Soldier, etc) and Ronald Wimberly(Life of MF Grimm), and introduced DC/Vertigo editor Pornsak Pichetshote, and auteur/creator of Shooting War and Red Light Properties, Dan Goldman.

2007 – 2008:  $20,000.00 Vice Provost’s Discretionary Grant in support of university extension activities in Second Life

2007:   $180,000.00 Provost’s Grant in support of collaborative work between Fine Arts and Engineering working in Second Life.

2007:   $3,500.00 Arts for Ohio Grant in support of The Life of the Graphic Novel, an event bringing together diverse collaborators working in contemporary comic book development, featuring Joshua Dysart (writer), Scott Allie (editor, Dark Horse Comics), and Ronald Wimberly(illustrator.)

2007:  $5,000.00  Ohio Department of Labor Planning Grant in support of the development of a major program in workforce development.

2006:  $14,000.00 combined effort (VP for Research, Dean of Graduate College) in support of The @ Lab at ISEA (the International Symposium on Electronic Arts) enabling 14-students and faculty members to attend and exhibit at the ISEA conference in San Jose, California.


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