Peasent Women, signed Prescott Chaplin

Born in Boston, Massachusetts on October 10, 1896, Chaplin studied with Bellows, Chase and Max Bori at the CSFA. He was active in Los Angeles from the 1930s until his death on May 20, 1968.

Chicago Gallery of Artists; Santa Barbara AA; Int’l Print Guild. Exh: Courvoisier Gallery (SF), 1930 (Mexican scenes); SFAA, 1931; Santa Monica Library, 1932.

Los Angeles Public Library; Scripps College; Int’l Print Guild.
Edan Hughes, “Artists in California, 1786-1940”
Who’s Who in American Art 1936-41; Who’s Who on the Pacific Coast 1951; Southern California Artists (Nancy Moure); Artists of the American West (Doris Dawdy); California Arts and Architecture list, 1932.
Nearly 20,000 biographies can be found in Artists in California 1786-1940 by Edan Hughes and is available for sale ($150). For a full book description and order information please click here.



  1. Acquisition note: I found this piece (and a number of others in my collection) at an antique shop in Tempe, Arizona called Rare Lion. The owners there, Gary and Michelle Perkins, have exceptional taste for works of art – with a major love of representations of the old west – and are super knowledgeable about that area of art – but also have an interesting and eclectic collection of other works too.

    Phoenix and it’s surrounding suburbs is a fantastic place for any collector to acquire 2nd market pieces. As much as I love to support artists and galleries, at the time I purchased this piece as a graduate student, their prices were simply out of my league. I discovered an amazing wealth of beautifully framed, reasonably priced, original paintings and prints in the antique shops of the area. I expect this to be the case in any large city with a snowbird population. Other finds in my collection from Rare Lion in Tempe are by artists: Jaime Oates; Bert Pumphrey; William Brice; Jacob Landau; and José Maria Servin. All acquired between 1998 – 2002.

    Find Rare Lion online at: http://www.rarelionantiques.com/

  2. You have the date of birth wrong. James Prescott Chaplin was born in 1896. His work is also in the Kennedy Library. I am his youngest son.

    1. Hello Kent,
      A dear friend of mine past and left me a piece by your dad.
      It is titled the weaver. My friend, Bob Greenwood, told me that it was given to him by one of your dads sons who was a track coach. Can you help me with the history.
      Thanks, Therese

      1. I would be glad to. That would be John Chaplin. My Dad was born in Seattle Washington not Boston where the family came from. He was both an artis and Hollywood screen writer. He studied the art of woodcut making in Japan. The Mexican series is the largest. Most were smaller and printed on rice paper brought back from Japan in the 1920s. I do not have the Weaver print. If you ever decided to sell it please let me know.

      2. Kent, I just found two original Prescott Chaplins in trunk that I think has not been opened in 50 years. One called “Chinese Ritual “. The other Farm House. Would love to know if you knew of these two. Donna Kovner. Bonsall Ca.

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